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Jairo Barrull


Barrull is a show that reflects Jairo’s unique flamenco upbringing and his very unique personal style of footwork. A style that was pioneered by his father Ramón Barrull at the end of the 70s and later adopted and extended by Jairo into his own style. Jairo’s journey: from the teachings of his father, the flamenco fiestas, listening to the maestros, passing through the tablao circuit and later arriving to the big stage has formed the gypsy dancer Jairo Barrull into who he is today.

Jairo tells the story of his artistic heritage that has evolved during seven generations by way of gypsy flamenco dance forms. This very personal style of dancing that many contemporary dancers practice nowadays, not only does it differ from every dance style in flamenco history but it is possibly, one of the oldest gypsy flamenco dance styles which continues to be mixed with modern flamenco dance trends.

Jairo will be joined by first class flamenco singers and guitarists for the musical aspect of this show, Their invaluable experience and profound knowledge of flamenco as well as their wide range of musical repertoire will complement to the show overall.

Artistic Cast / Programme


Siguiriya Barrull
Aires Canasteros, Alegrias
Solea del Gastor
Fin de Fiesta

Total Duration of Show
1 hour and 15 minutes


Artistic Direction/Choreography
Jairo Barrull

Jairo Barrull

Juan José Amador
David El Gayi
Moi de Moron

Eugenio Iglesias
Paco Iglesias


Lighting Design
Stages in Design

Jairo Barrull Flamenco Company



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