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Jairo Barrull Fernández was born in 1983 in the Macarena area of Seville. He is the son of the legendary dancer Ramon Barrull and great great nephew of the legendary guitarist Diego del Gastor. Jairo started to dance under the direction of his father when he was 7 years old. At just 8 years of age Jairo made his first public appearance at 'El Gazpacho Andaluz de Moron de la Frontera'. He danced as a solo artist for the first time in Germany when he was 13 years old with Concha Vargas and Curro Fernández performing 'Almoraima' in the best theatres across southern Germany.

In 1997, at aged 14, Jairo participated in the homage to 'El Cristo de los Gitanos' in Los Palacios, Seville with the following artists: El Chocolate, Aurora Vargas, Manuel Soto Sordera, Pansequito and Jose de la Tomasa. Later that year he toured across Finland, Norway and Sweden as a solo artist performing 'Flamenco Joven'. In the spring of 1997, he performed with Concha Vargas, Antonio El Pipa and Juana Amaya at the Cathedral of the Giralda in Seville and at the Paul VI Auditorium, The Vatican, Rome, in the show 'Un Gitano de Ley', performed for for the Pope John Paul II for the celebration of the beatification of Ceferino Jiménez Malla 'El Pele'. Jairo returned to Germany in 1998 where he performed in Bremen alongside Juana Amaya and Arcángel.

The following year Jairo performed as a solo artist in the Vredenburg Theatre, Utrecht, Holland, in the flamenco performance 'Una Noche de Flamenco Puro' alongside Angelita Vargas, El Chocolate, Niño de Pura and Boquerón, during their month long tour in Holland. Jairo also danced in the flamenco show 'La Carboneria' in the Mont de Marsan Flamenco festival, France, the Festival Flamenco of Dusseldorf, Germany , as well as touring Sweden for the second time performing 'Gypsy Kids' in several theatres including 'La Casa de Danza', Stockholm. Later that same year Jairo participated as one of the lead dancers in Abolengo: a Sara Erde flamenco production which took place in Broadway, New York.

Jairo's tour with Abolengo in New York led to him being featured in 'Around Flamenco': a documentary shot in New York and Tokyo, produced by Canal Sur Television. In 2000 he was contracted by Teruo Kabaya for a month tour of Tokyo, performing 'Flamenca y Flamenco' that premiered in the Theatre Yakult, Tokyo. In 2001 Jairo embarked on an extensive tour across North America and Argentina performing the show 'Al-Andalus' that premiered in the Theatre Avenida with the following artists: Farruquito, Torombo y Jose Maya. The great success of Al-Andalus lead to a further production 'Incognito' by juggler Francis Brunn in Frankfurt, Germany, where Jairo danced as one of the main flamenco dancers alongside Farruco, Torombo y José Maya. Incognito was performed in several theatres across Frankfurt including the Opera Theatre of Frankfurt.

He starred in the premiere of Rafael Amargo's show 'Tablao' in Barcelona alongside Sevillian dancers Farruco, Torombo and Rafael Amargo. That autumn he returned to Sweden where he danced alongside Gerardo Núñez and the following year he danced in the flamenco show 'Alma Gitana' a long side his father: Ramon Barrull and Manolo Soler with Juana Amaya's company performing in various festivals and theatres across Andalucía such as The 1st Feria Mundial of Flamenco, The Flamenco Festival of Mistela, El Potaje Gitano de Utrera and La Fundación El Monte, Seville. In 2002 Jairo appeared with Juana Amaya's company at the New World Flamenco Festival in Irvine, California. The following year Jairo danced in the show 'Magia de Maestros' where he shone at the Berliner Philharmonie with the following artists: Juana Amaya, Gerardo Núñez, Carmen Cortes and Rafael de Carmen.

In 2004 Jairo participated in the flamenco series 'El Flamenco que viene' alongside his uncle Diego de Moron in the Alameda Theatre, Seville. Later that year he was invited by Antonio Andrade's company to perform the show 'Noches de Amor' in the 'XIII Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla' as well as participating in 'La Bienal program - Mas Jóvenes, mas flamenco'. The following year he presented his flamenco show in 'El Monte', Seville: 'To my father Ramon Barrull', which received some of the best reviews from the Spanish newspapers. In 2006 Jairo was invited as a solo artist by Juana Amaya's company to perform in show 'Morón, a time and a rhythm' in the New World Flamenco Festival in California, America. He also participated in the 'Sinfonia Flamenca' with Juan Carmona's group in the 'National Orchestra of Lyons Auditorium.'

The following year Jairo performed at the Mont de Marsan Flamenco Festival, France, in the show 'Moroneando' as well as the Berlin Flamenco Festival with Tomas de Perrate. In January 2009 Jairo returned to his home town Morón de la Frontera to pay tribute to his father Ramón Barrull with the show ‘Herencia’. In 2010 Jairo premiered ‘Dos Ramas’ with guest artist Angelita Vargas at the Festival Flamenco Mont de Marsan 2010 and toured the USA with the Festival Flamenco Gitano, performing at the NYU Skirball Centre, New York, The Thrust Stage, Berkeley and the Berklee Performance Center in Boston.

The following year Jairo participated in the I Flamenco Festival en la Frontera in Morón de la Frontera and the I Flamenco Festival de Moscow with Rosario Toledo in the show ‘12 Cuerdas y Dos Bailes’. Since 2012 Jairo has premiered his new show ‘Barrull a Flamenco Legacy’ across Europe which debuted at the Cajasol Jueves Flamencos in Seville and the following year at the Festival Flamenco de Banyuls Sur Mer Jairo closed the 50th edition of El Gazpacho Andaluz de Morón in 2013 and toured his show ‘Dos Ramas’ with Manuela Vargas around Europe, which was featured at the Festival Flamenco International de Marseille.

In 2014 Jairo danced in the III Festival Flamenco of Japan and was one of the protagonists in the flamenco show ‘El Baile de la Frontera’ which debuted at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla. In 2015 Jairo presented his show ‘Barrull’ in Los Veranos del Corral, Granada and premiered ‘El Llanto Se Mueve' in the United Kingdom and the following year at the Cajasol Jueves Flamencos in Seville. In 2018 Jairo presented 'El Llanto Se Mueve' in festivals such as The Edmonton Flamenco Festival, Canada and The Festival Ascension Flamenca, France. Currently he is working with his new show 'Gitano which premiered in the Teatro Oriente as part of the program of activities for the 50th anniversary of the Festival Flamenco Gazpacho Andaluz and more recently in Flamenco Viene del Sur and The Flamenco Festival Esch, Luxembourg.

Jairo has toured in countries all over the world such as New York, Japan, Amsterdam, Iceland, Istanbul, and Tunis as well as participating in festivals such as: The Festival Flamenco en La Frontera, El Potaje Gitano de Utrera, The Festival Flamenco of the Mistela, The International Flamenco Festival of Dusseldorf, The Festival La Primavera Andaluza Mont de Marsan France, The Festival of Cante Flamenco of Moguer, Festival Musiques Du Monde, The Festival Mediterraneen de la guitare, Les Suds à Arles and Le Festival Aix-en-Musique.


VIII Festival Off Festival (2019, Spain)
Strings of Gold, Djelem Djelem, Roma-Kulturfestival (2018, Germany)
Flamencolegenderne- Aarhus Jazz Festival (2017, Denmark)
Dani de Morón Trio - North East and London Guitar Festivals (2014, UK)
El Baile de la Frontera, La Bienal de Sevilla (2014, Spain)
III Festival Flamenco de Japan (2014, Japan)
'12 Cuerdas y Dos Bailes', Festival Flamenco de Moscow (2011, Russia)
‘Gitaneria’ Festival Flamenco Gitano (2010 USA)
Alma de Flamenco (2007, Suiza)
Herencia, Flamenco Festival Berlín (2007, Germany)
Moroneando, El Festival Flamenco de Mont de Marsan (2007, France)
Morón, a tiempo y a compás (2006, USA)
La Sinfonía Flamenca de Juan Carmona grupo, El Auditorio de la Orquesta Nacional de Lyón, (2006, France)
El Cuadro de la Fiesta, El Festival Flamenco Mont de Marsan (2005, France)
Utrera Viva, El Festival Flamenco Mont de Marsan (2005, France)
'Baile de la Raiz Gitana' Festival ‘La Primavera Andaluza’ Mont de Marsan, (2004, France)
Noches de Amor, XIII Bienal de Sevilla (2004, Spain)
Más Jóvenes, más flamenco, XIII Bienal de Sevilla (2004, Spain)
De donde nace la cal, El Flamenco que Viene (2004, Spain)
Magia de Maestros, La Filarmónica de Berlín (2003, Germany)
Alma Gitana, Los jueves flamencos, El Monte (2002, Spain)
‘La Hora de Morón’ de I Feria Mundial del Flamenco (2001, Spain)
Incognito de Francis Brunn (2001, Germany)
Tablao de Rafael Amargo (2001, Barcelona)
Al-Andalus (2000-2001, gira del norte de America and Argentina)
Flamenca y Flamenco (2000, Tokyo)
Abolengo y las Tres Mil Viviendas’ (1999, New York)
La Carbonería, El Festival Flamenco Mont de Marsan (1999, France)
Una Noche de Flamenco Puro (1999, Holland)
Gypsy Kids (1999, Sweden)
Son Cubano y el Flamenco (1999, Switzerland)
Flamenco Joven (1997-8, Scandanavia)
Un Gitano de Ley, El Vaticano (1997, Rome)
Almoraima (1996, Germany)

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