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Gypsy Flamenco 2012

Community Channel UK360

Gypsy Flamenco was shot for the UK 360 Community Channel and was featured in a special programme dedicated to the Gypsy and Roma people as part of the Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month in the UK which aired in June 2012.

Jairo Barrull

Around Flamenco 1999

Canal Sur

Around Flamenco is a documentary about flamenco outside Spanish borders. Filmed in New York and Tokyo it tells the stories of a group of people who have made flamenco their lives many miles away with such verve and passion that they could overcome any distance. In this mixed gallery of people we find bizarre stories of those who have given up their vocation, family and position for the irresistible attraction of a distant culture. Some of them invented a new identity so that they could pass as Andalusian gypsies and others crossed two continents by train to make their dreams to be a flamenco dancer come true.
© Ministerio de Cultura. Cine Español 2003

Jairo Barrull

Un Gitano En Los Altares 1997

The reportage "Un gitano en los altares" is about a flamenco oratorio celebrated inside the cathedral of Seville for the beatification of Ceferino Giménez Malla "El Pelé", the first beatified Gypsy. With statements from José Heredia (autor of the flamenco oratorio), Antonio El Pipa (dancer), Paco Cortés (guitarist), Anabel Rivera (dancer), Jairo Barrull (dancer), Juana Amaya (dancer), Quique Paredes (guitarist) and Joselito de Lebrija (singer).
© Canal Sur Televisión 1997

Jairo Barrull
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