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Jairo explains, “For me the Gypsy art form is a specific way of feeling and expressing oneself. There isn’t any other word that describes me better in flamenco dance. There are various factors that have influenced why I identify with the gypsy dance form, but the most important is when an artist identifies his or her art form with that certain way of expressing, that is what defines them artistically and I have always felt this way. The Gypsy dance form evolves because we don’t dance how Gypsy dancers used to dance 40 years ago but the feeling is the same. A feeling doesn’t have an expiry date, not with the different fashions that come and go. The pure feeling is always there because it is authentic.” The show will open with ‘Bulerías’ and will continue with the flamenco styles that according to Barrull are the core of Gypsy flamenco dance – ‘Alegrías’, ‘Seguiriya’ and ‘Soleá’.

Artistic Cast / Programme


GITANO (Bulerías)
Solo de Guitarra
Soleá por Bulerias
Cinco Latidos (Siguiriya)
Puro (Soleá)
Fin de Fiesta

Total Duration of Show
1 hour and 15 minutes


Artistic Direction/Choreography
Jairo Barrull

Guest Artists
Saray de los Reyes/Gema Moneo/
Antonio del Gastor

Jairo Barrull
Saray de los Reyes/Gema Moneo

El Quini de Jerez
Manuel Tañé
David El Galli

Ramón Amador


Jairo Barrull Flamenco Company



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